Sac BHC Youth Media Team Summer Project Update…

Since I am currently an undergraduate student studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at California State University of Sacramento, I was asked by a professor to be a replacement in the UCCONNECT program. For the program, my professor proposed a project to be completed within eight weeks. This project will be replacing my current project to design a digital art.


After accepting the project, my professor, who is also my advisor, suggested that the project will be based on a intelligent traffic light control system that communicates with a cell phone, mostly Android. The purpose of the project is to be able to detect traffic and be able to send a text to a cell phone if it is busy. I will be using a series of infrared sensors to detect the traffic with a microcontroller for traffic detection and control. I will also be learning how to program in Java and creating an app for Androids. After this project, I will be traveling to Cal Poly Pomona for a symposium and presenting my project for a scholarship opportunity.

Please join me on this new adventure to complete my project.

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