Sac BHC Youth Media Team Summer Project by Zitiah Shabazz

My name is Zitiah Shabazz; I am a 22 year old mother, business owner, and college student.. I am a part of the Sac BHC Youth Media Team, but my official title is television host. The show that I host is called Sac BHC in the Community, basically covering all and any events that are sponsored by Sac BHC. Currently I am a double majoring in Communications and Journalism at Sacramento City College. My summer 2015 project is about why I chose to make communications and journalism my career choice but more importantly what I intend to do with my degrees. My greatest dream is to host my very own television show on a major television network.

At the age of four I discovered that I communicate better through writing, and that I loved to do it. Discovering my love for words made me very advanced in school when it came to writing, English, and grammar lessons. I was always great at it, and my penmanship was so neat at such a young age, my teachers would tell my parents I needed to be in advanced classes. In the more challenging classes I would ace just about any and every writing assignment that was handed to me. I even won a school writing essay contest in the sixth grade. Words not only helped me at home with my family, but my skills were a gift for friends and family at birthdays and holidays, and writing is what has taken my dreams to the next level.


The more I developed in my writing skills, my skills with communicating also grew. I was able to talk about my feelings when needed in a constructive way and eventually became the local therapist for friends and family. Giving advice became my thing and I was good at it. A great communicator must also be a great listener, and a good writer must also be a good reader. This including knowing your audience and what would appeal to them; sometimes as a group, and sometimes as individuals. So in college, Communications and Journalism are not only my majors, but my passions. I was always good at both of these areas, but being in college, and being an intern with help me to become great.

In the future I want my television show to be involved with everything I have wanted to do in life. I want to make people laugh, I want to make them cry, and I want to give them hope. Revealing yourself to others can be a hard thing to do, but it can also save someone’s life. On my journey thus far I have discovered that it is okay to speak about bad circumstances IF in the end it is for a greater good. People want something, someone to relate to, and that means the good and the bad moments. No one is alone in their struggles, and no one should be alone during their periods of joy. I want my show to be just that. Something that small time people can feel big time about.

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