Sac BHC Youth Media Team Summer Project by Mhong Thao…

Hello my name is Mhong Thao from the Sac BHC Youth Media Team I have been on the Sac BHC Youth Media Team for one year and three months. It’s amazing what I am doing now because it’s great and there is nothing better, then being a part of the media team.


For my  summer project I will be challenging myself to learn Spanish. I took a Spanish class last semester at Sacramento City College, and  I ended up failing because I couldn’t keep up with the class. Learning Spanish was easy at first but once we got to the harder parts it was a different story. It was like learning how to speak English again. I always wanted to communicate with people that spoke Spanish. I know how to greet people but when having a conversation it is more difficult. So now my goal for the end of the summer is to learn Spanish and once I learn the basic of Spanish. I want to learn Spanish so I can communicate better with people and so I can help them out more when they need help. So when a Spanish speaker speak to me then I can just guide them the help they really need.

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