Youth Violence Resources

La Familia
To build the capacity of youth from high risk underserved populations in South Sacramento to become leaders and advocates to promote reductions in youth violence, to increase safety and promote health issues that impact their communities.

Hmong Women’s Heritage Association
To build the capacity of the Hmong, Mien and Lao communities to strengthen their relationships with each other and to work with government agencies to improve health outcomes and prevent youth violence in their communities.

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency
To reduce violence in Sacramento by working with partner agencies, the faith based community, and community based organizations to provide intensive case management, employment and educational opportunities, and mentoring support to individuals identified as the drivers of violence through the Safe Community Partnership program.

Public Health Institute
Safe Community Partnership /To provide technical assistance to local partners to implement the Safe Community Partnership (SCP), an evidence-based, data-driven approach designed to reduce serious gun-related street violence in the near term and on a community-wide level.

Sacramento City Unified School District
Develop and expand youth led violence, harassment and bullying prevention programs.

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