Youth Hub

The youth voice is vital to the success of the Building Healthy Community Initiative. The youth steering committee is one of the many ways youth will participate and make a difference in the community. By participating in the youth steering committee, youth will have a say in the funding of local community projects. They will be in charge of making recommendations to South Sacramento HUB on issues relevant to youth. They will engage in their neighborhoods and be a part of local research on policy and other local youth initiatives to help bring change to the South Sacramento Community. They will also be trained to be part of the larger committee that over sees funds for local community projects. Youth will have the chance to grow academically, be engaged in critical thinking activities, learn public speaking, develop writing and other skills that will boost academic performance, and obtain work force preparation. Youth will also have the chance to meet with community organizers, non-profits and local politicians in order to have hands-on training on community work.

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