Sac BHC Summer Intern: Panhoia Lee

My name is Panhoia Lee and I was born and raised in North Sacramento. I am currently attending University of California, Davis majoring in Human Development and double minoring in Education and Communication. I am a student activist on campus and off campus. My passion is to promote Health and Higher Education. I love working with youth because I believe that children are the future and as a mentor to many youth I hope to guide them to become successful individuals. I want to promote Health and Higher Education in the community because I see that our community lacks the resources that can help us become healthy and or educated individuals. For example, our low-income schools probably lack resources such as books, materials, counselors, and teachers or in our community there are many fast food restaurants in comparison to our grocery stores. I think the best way to go about is to educate the community and find a solution.



I am glad to be part of Sacramento BHC because I get to see the many changes this organization has done and is continuing to serve the community. I hope to gain new insights of Sacramento BHC and bring awareness to communities that lack support.


Panhoia Lee

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