Mhong’s Summer Conference

On Thursday July 16, 2015 I got a chance to go to Denver, Colorado; it was the best experience of my life it changed my way of thinking about a lot of things in general. The road trip was really long but we made it through the road trip by playing a lot of car games with each other. Our first stop was in Lake Tahoe; when I got to Lake Tahoe it was the greatest thing I ever saw because of the sunset. If you ever go on a family vacation you would go there and watch the sunset. It was still a long day so we didn’t stay long because there was too much driving to do. So it was the boring road again and long.

Once we reached Nevada it was a lot better but it was really dead when we got there because we went to Eureka, Nevada at nighttime. Once we hit the road and we hit the desert at nighttime it was great because we got to see a lot of stars, you don’t get to see the sky as clear when you are in Sacramento.

On our way to Denver from our stop in Nevada it seamed liked it was a short drive what made it worst was the traffic; our bodies were hurting because we were sitting for so long. Once we arrived to our destination, we all where happy and ready to absorb all the information and activities from the conference.Mhong-Trip

The next day was good so what happen was me and the other youth got together and we got to know each other more. Getting to know people from other states wasn’t so bad. I was kind of shy, but then I decided to come out of my shell and go talk to them it was pretty cool. We all shared about all of our experiences and how we all have difficulties in our local communities. I also shared with them about my work with Sac BHC Youth Media Team. They liked the idea of creating their own media team in their local community. Most of the youth have and want to share their stories so that others can learn and grow from them. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my work and my passion for my community. During the conference I was put in a not so confortable place I had to do things that I would normally wont do. I was interacting with people that I had never met and that where strangers and suddenly we became friends in such a short time. I also learn that is ok to be out and share your personal experiences and be open to meeting new people. I usually don’t open up to new people because I am afraid, but this few days I really learned and have found a new way to interact with people. Our conference provided us with tools to interact with others and to be able to speak to new people and make sure that we get to know them before we judge. To be able to not hold any grudges or make enemies out of nowhere. This conference has made me realize that change is good and that I need to embrace it and join in. I will try my best to adjust to this new me and share with as many people that I can what an amazing opportunity I have.

So after we talk to all the people and got to know each other more for little while then we had to go home, our conference was over. We all said our good byes and then we came back home and the experience that we had the best it taught me a lot of leadership and showing people what they can improve or better their life more.

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