My recent trip to Crescent City..

10435639_627502187345866_7817161273863938055_nHi guys this is Mhong from Sacramento BHC Youth Media Team. On June 12, 2014 the Sacramento Youth Leadership Team along with Sacramento BHC Youth Media Team members travel to Crescent City to meet with youth from Northern BHC sites. We went to talk about our youth issues that we are having in our community.

When we were in Crescent City it was a life time experience for me and it change me. I was so nervous but when got to meet new people everything turned out to be good. When we were there it was interesting to learn about other BHC youth and their experience at their sites.

A lot of the issues that we found in this convening we realized that if we can work together we can accomplish more as a group then if we divide ourselves. Also we realized that with our voice we have power and we must use it to change our communities. We hold the keys to our future and I believe that we now will have a better one because of our envolvement.

We expressed ourselves to the other BHC youth and the BHC youth gives ideas to us and try to help us out and we would do the same for them too. We would try to figure each other problems by trying to help each other by giving idea so when we come back, we can use those ideas to build healthier communities for one another. Our main goal is to try and make everything better for everyone so everyone can live a better life.

Well that’s it for my experience see you next time.

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