10330482_604776112951807_1557606303402408275_nWoo! It is hot… That can only mean one thing – it’s summer!

Hey guys! It’s me Daniel. I’m back at the office and this time I want to talk to you about graduation and senior year.

Senior year by far, has been the best year for me. It treated me right; I got to lay back a little while still firmly keeping my foot on the pedal.

Memories were made and stories were told. I could remember the sad feeling I got from going to my last football game. My last homecoming dance and my Senior Ball. The last time I ever stepped on the soccer pitch. And the last time I roamed freely through the halls. I made great friends and friends, who to me, became like family. But like all great things, everything comes to an end.

This year, as always, the Class of 2014 will be graduating at the Memorial Auditorium located on J Street this Friday, June 6th @ 6:00 PM.

The ceremony will include student speeches, a slideshow, and many other cool things. (By the way. I made the senior slideshow.  Just saying…

Students will then receive their diploma and join the graduating class of 2014 as the tassels are moved from left to right.

Festivities and parties are sure to follow after the event, as of course it is a big moment for not only the student, but their friends and family as well.

As we enjoy our time and reminisce over the past four years, we think of all the memories that have been made. Tears are shed. But we’re all smiling as we know it’s not all over. We still have a whole lifetime ahead of us; some will continue the path of education, others will serve our country, and others will join the workforce. Me personally, I will continue to study Film and Television Production at CSU Long Beach. And as for you? I would like to know what will you do with your life? Please share your stories down below in the comments.

Over and out – Daniel Escobar

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