Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member: Dwayne Hankerson

I’m Dwayne Hankerson II, and I’m pretty new to these parts, BHC that is. I’ll have the pleasure of interning over the summer with what I’m coming to find out is a great organization, Building Healthy Communities working with the Sac BHC Youth Media Team. I’m enrolled at Sac City College at the moment, in the fall I’ll be transferring to New Mexico State University. I’m Studying communications I intend on using that to become a firefighter. I’m sure you’re wondering how the two connects, but I feel you need strong interpersonal skills in order to reach the people of the city you’re working for in a major way. I also believe you need to know how to speak to people in the proper way, and I believe communications is doing that for me. New Member Blog


Here’s a little background on me. Born in East Oakland, but raised pretty much all over the bay area I believe that’s most of what shaped who I am today. Growing up in such a violent environment some would wonder how I made it out.  Keeping my head down, getting active in sports and having a great support system I believe helped me make my way out. Again I’m happy to be getting such a great opportunity to work as an advocate for people my age, and allowing their voices to be heard through social media, videos and blogs such as this.

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