Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team’s newest member Jeffrey Phung…



My name is Jeffrey Phung and you may recognize me as a member from Youth R.I.S.E., though it has been a while, I would like to assist the community in promoting a healthier environment for youth.

Though I haven’t kept myself involved with the community as much as I would’ve like to, I’d like to thank all those who support the SacBHC for allowing me the opportunity to return and be a part of something I’m truly passionate about. As a previous youth under Youth R.I.S.E., I understand the importance of being in a positive and healthy environment, as it’s not present in the homes of many of our youths here in South Sacramento. This is what we strive for as Sacramento Building Healthy Communities, we believe, I believe that it’s essential for the development of our future community leaders and it allows youth a safe space to be who they want to be.IMG_0032


I wish for a future with perpetual growth and happiness and I hope I can positively impact the community as much as it had impacted mine. Together we’ll change the world, one world at a time.

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