Giving back to my community…

Mhong Thao, a fellow member of the Sac BHC Youth Media Team, organized photography sessions to the youth living at the Lemon Hill Mutual Housing apartments.


Distant, socially awkward, and uncomfortable, Mhong had trouble interacting with the kids. The workshops were exciting and engaging, but he still couldn’t connect with them. He came up with brilliant ideas and activities every two weeks to make the sessions fun. From learning how to use a camera to taking pictures for a scavenger hunt, Mhong’s workshops drew more kids in each time. However, he was still struggling with building a connection with the kids.IMG_0064


“He was nervous, out of his element, and uncomfortable,” said Alberto Mercado, the Sac BHC Youth Media Team Supervisor.


As Mhong became more comfortable with leading the workshops and talking to others, he became more open and friendly towards the kids. His kind and helpful attitude brought them to like him a lot more.


“I’ve seen Mhong grow up so much from this experience that I feel confident he can take on any challenge in life,” said Mercado.


Mhong wanted to give back to his community for all the things that he has received and ensure that the kids have a brighter future.

Story by, Lily Seaphan Sac BHC Youth Media Team

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