Sac BHC’s All-Grantee Meeting…

On Monday November 10th, 2014 Sac BHC held an All Grantee meeting at the Oak Park Community center, hosted by the Hub and TCE from their Sac BHC Initiative. Grantees started to arrive around 9:00 P.M to get informed about what’s happening with BHC locally and statewide.  As they were greeted with coffee and a light breakfast to wake them up, conversations went up.  bobbyblog

The grantees spoke to each other saying “hey, how are you” and “what’s going on in your organization”. Conversations couldn’t have been more informative about the work they do. Then it was off to settle down and check out what the presenters had to offer. We had presentations from Christine Tien who spoke on TCE’s behalf and their different campaigns and how/where the grantees fit in with the work they do for BHC; LPC’s Tiffany Wilson and Lynne Cannady, spoke the about data that has been gathered throughout the year; Sac BHC hub manager gave an update on BHC team, and also spoke about the resources that BHC has to offer to the grantees, so that they can continue to thrive in BHC’S initiative.

There were also presentations from our Action Team Co-Chairs.  Shawn Harrison from Food Access Action Team, Kim Williams BMoC, Carl Pinkston BMoC, Elaine Abelaye, Health For All Action Team and  Charles Mason, Land Use Action Team as they all spoke about campaigns  that their Action Teams are working on.

Overall sac BHC grantees walked out of Oak Park community center knowing a lot of great new information about the initiative. Sac BHC looks forward to a great new year with its grantees.

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