Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member Mario Daniel

Hi My Name Is Mario Daniel,

I’m 20 years old, I am from Sacramento, CA and I’m apart of Sac BHC Youth Media Team, I am excited to learn new things that are going to help me during my training process to get to a higher level to expose myself about who I am and what I need to do throughout my life to teach myself ways to achieve my goals and make it a reality.


I am currently enrolled In Consumes River Collage learning Computer Science as my major, my short term goal is to gain experience from the Sac BHC Youth Media Team to learn how to help the youth better themselves in the long run by using social media and media in general.I used to be in a swim team and played baseball for the little league junior giants. In the community there are not much bike routes for bikers there are some who don’t feel safe riding their bikes at night because strange things happen when it gets dark. I hope that in a near future we should be able to have safer streets for bike riders and in general for the community.

I would like to give back to the community by helping out the youth grow into the basic necessity in life. I would help them with different opportunities and a mindset to reach a goal to maintain and to go for something higher a more greater prize and to pursue a better future. Hope to see you in the future in a BHC event.

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