Mhong Thao’s next project in our community…

Hello my name is Mhong Thao

It has been one year and five months I have been in the Sac BHC Youth Media Team and I feel like the community is changing little by little, it feels great to know the community is changing. Working with the Sac BHC Youth Media Team is the best opportunity I ever got.

There is a project that I’m going to start working on, the project is how Hmong youth can preserve their own language and culture while trying to fit into the American style and customs. Most kids forget their culture because they have to learn about the American ways. There are reasons why Hmong kids don’t want to learn about their culture and language.IMG_2131

When they see or hear a Hmong student that is a second language learner the student tend to make fun of, that kid that is a second language learner is just trying to go to school and learn just like the rest of the students are in school. This happens a lot to Hmong kids, sometime it’s other ethnicity that make fun of them, but it’s not just the other ethnicities that do it, it’s their own kind that laugh at them too. When the second languages learner gets make fun of, they get really mad and their parents tell them it will be okay. Those kids will try to be like other Hmong kids that know a little about their language. It motivates them more to work harder one day, to be better or the same. But once they work harder on learning English. It’s either they forget their language or their culture. They don’t practice their culture and language, it’s either they want to make friend or they just don’t want to be made fun of.


Stay tune for more about this project from your boy Mhong from Sac BHC Youth Media Team.

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