Sac BHC Youth Media Team attends Aspiration’s CA Nonprofit Tech Summit at Cesar Chavez National Park in Keene, CA…

On July 30th to 31st, my supervisor, coworker, and I attended the CA Nonprofit Tech Summit hosted by Aspiration. The event took place at the National Chavez Center in Keene, CA. About twenty-five people from different organizations throughout all of California attended this event. Everyone at this event dealt with social justice and technology and allowed us to learn from one another.

The event started at 9 AM and ended at 4 PM for both days. The event comprised of many workshops in getting to know what we wanted to learn, problems that we needed to overcome, and solutions to these problems. During these workshops, there would be different participants that facilitate an event. From these workshops, I learned about different technology tools. One of the main things I have learned about is open source technology and several of the software that are good to use for security reasons. I also learned about batch file operations on Macs, that allows repetitive tasks to be performed at a fraction of a time. I also learned about the costs and effects of having an internal or external storage.IMG_0456

Overall, the event was very informative. It gave me a lot of perspective of someone that works for social justice and the security practices that are involved. Furthermore, this was also informative for me on a personal level because I dab in different aspects of technology and will be useful in my future projects.

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