Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member Lily Saephan…

Hello! My name is Lily Saephan and I’m the newest Sac BHC Youth Media Team member; I am currently senior attending Sacramento Charter High School. I became interested in the media through my Journalism class. I kept up to date with recent news and blogged about events I find interesting.IMG_0289

I love volunteering my services to the community. In my high school Key Club, we’re all about community service and positivity. Throughout my experience, I became passionate about serving those in need at homeless shelters, as well as making our community look more appealing by cleaning different parks throughout Sacramento. Also, I like to take part in advocating for a change. In the Youth @ City Council program, I delivered a legislative proposal on college tuition. My experience in these activities sparked an interest for BHC, because of the target on youth and community development. I’m excited to learn many new things and become more involved!

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