Mhong’s experience on 3rd Annual Sac BMoC Summit

BlogHello readers, this is Mhong here, there was an event that was hosted by Sacramento BMOC Sacramento state on June 26, 2014 and was captured on video by the Building Healthier Community Youth Media Team. The event was hosted by the Boys and Men of Color and it was a great which gave knowledge to young colored teens. The workshops were great, and it was interesting to listen to them talk about being a man.

The first workshop that I observe I really liked because the Sacramento BHC Youth Media Team were talking about the usage of the “N” word. The second workshop surprised me because many people were working together at the event, when they didn’t even know each other. The final, workshop that had occurred intrigued me because they taught kids how respond to certain situations that they would have to face later on in life.

A man is as greater with his action then word if an action happens to it will affect him forever but if a word was spoken it can be forgiven. So action will always be more harmful to people then word, word do hurt feelings but action hurts more the person real life and will always affect them. They taught teenagers which taught me when I was there recording for the Sacramento Building Healthier Community Youth Media Team. It was inspiring to teenagers and adults.

Until next time Mhong  Thao,

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