My experience on Sacramento Boys and Men of Color Summit…

Hi, my name is Justin Chao and I’m going tell you what I experienced at BMoC summit. When I went to the BMoC summit they had workshops specifically on topics that young teens witness every day. The workshop, was talking about how the “N” word and how it affects a teens life. The second workshop explained how stereotyping people can break a teen’s mentality. The last workshop, explained the history of hip hop and the messages that comes from within the significant signs from lyrics to the cover of the albums.Blog Justine

At the first workshop I experienced what it means to truly call someone the “N” word and the history behind it allowing me to understand people instead of judging. Second, at the next workshop I went to, I experienced what it physically feels like to be racially stereotyped by other people. Lastly, at the last workshop, keynote speaker: Ise Lyfe, gave a special speech on what the music industry is doing to the present and future teens through music and pictures on the albums. Through these workshops it has taught me to be kind and respectful of others instead of judging and discriminating other teens of color.

The collaborative on Sacramento Boys and Men of Color is trying to help young teens like myself and lead us into the righteous path of progression instead of a life of failure. I believe that the lessons given through the workshops will provide the necessary tools to provide a change in the youth. Hopefully the ideas made through the organizations efforts will spark the minds of the youth bring change.

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