College, College, College…

FullSizeRender (1)As my first year of college gets on its way, I realize how difficult it is to juggle work; school and family time. Some people have a misconception of that you should go to school in four years and then graduate and all is well. I have to differ with that, for me is a bit more complicated. I have to juggle dealing with my school work and also finding time to finish my assignments on time and making sure to turn in my homework. But on top of that I also have to worry about work and my personal life. It can be tricky to have a perfect balance of school, work and life. I have learned that in my first year of college, I need to take it slow and make sure that I fully understand all that is thrown at me. I also need time to hang out with my friends and family knowing that most of my weekends I have to work. Is a struggle that I feel might take me more than four years just so that I don’t have to go insane.


When I started my first class and I had my first midterm, it was so hard I didn’t know anything because I didn’t study. I told myself I got this, but when I took my first midterm I failed and it wasn’t good at all. Instead of studying I chose to go make friends and have fun because school wasn’t that important for me. I kept on telling myself its not hard I can ace this because this is so easy, but when you fail you feel so bad about yourself. I felt like I want to drop out but friends aren’t all bad, they will motivate you. Its you that have to motivate yourself, but my friend Steven Lee told me “hey if you need to go study and ditch us its ok, we will always be here if you need any help”.


So I end up dropping two classes, but be worn don’t eat more than you can chew, don’t get ahead of yourself too. I got to ahead, so now I’m just trying to survive now so this is just a message if you do go to college then be careful, take it slow if you can go fast then go fast if you cant its ok take your time.

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