4th Annual BHC Convening…

On October 10, the Sac BHC Youth Media Team & the Youth Leadership Team embarked on a journey to Los Angeles. I was prepared and enthused to go because it was my first BHC Convening and the fourth annual BHC Convening. The plane ride was a little scary for some because it was their first time on a plane. We arrived at our cool hotel that same afternoon. Soon after we were booked into our hotel we were able to do a little exploring of downtown L.A.10685602_693996957363055_1215693738635852871_n

As we arrived at the reception, there was live music playing, food, and also great conversation was going on. Needless to say it was a very nice event. We ran into a lot of friends from other BHC sites such as Fresno, Richmond, and also Merced. We discussed issues that are going on in our communities and also did some catching up on how each of us has been. Soon after that it was off to bed to prepare for what the next days events had in store for us.

The following morning, Bollywood Dancing came out and even had us dance with them! It was extremely fun and they really had us moving our feet. Next, TCE gave us shirts which we were able to customize. The California Endowment also showcased 13 videos from the separate BHC sites. I had a blast on this trip but I just wish it was a bit longer so I could experience even more cool things.

Look for my next blog here on sacbhc.org, until then, health happens here;

bobby powell

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