Hang in there girl, you’re almost done…

Each year, high school students across the nation catch a serious illness. It instills a lack of motivation and attitude in one’s studies and workload. This illness is better identified as “senioritis.” Recently, I’ve become familiar with this term as I have fallen victim to it myself. The symptoms are laziness, overly social, poor hygiene, careless attitude, and a hard time with getting out of bed. Unfortunately, I’m experiencing a bad case of it. Every morning I dread the annoying sound of my alarm, constantly reminding me that I have school. A lack of diligence was my hardest challenge. FullSizeRender

The quality of my work was rushed. My mind was in such a flurry; I couldn’t complete any one assignment to the best of my abilities. “Hey, it’s your boy Mhong here. I was stressed because I couldn’t focus on school with crazy girlfriends trying to fight my coworker,” states Mhong Thao, a member of the Sac BHC Youth Media Team.

Mhong Thao’s work ethic began to dwindle down as he became distracted with girls instead of focusing on his schoolwork. He couldn’t balance his social life with his academics. His senioritis proved difficult to overcome; however he pulled through successfully.


Hearing Thao’s story about senioritis gives me an insight into the difficulties of overcoming this crippling illness. I hope to regain my determination to finish my senior year strong!



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