Haley’s Story…

My name is Haley. I’m 18 and recently graduated from highschool. Although most of my family and reiends are accepting of me, I still have family and old friends that aren’t. I was teased, bullied, and I would feel depressed. I am one of the many in the LGBT community to suffer from discrimination.

I wanted to make this video to help others and to inform people on how discrimination affects youth in the LGBT community. While making this video even I was shocked by some of the statistics I found.

“86% of LGBT youth are harassed at school.” 42% of LGBT youth are cyber bullied which is three times higher then that of other students. 50% of LGBT teens had a bad reaction from their parents. 30% are physically abused and 26% are kickedout of their homes. Overall, LGBT youth make up 40% of all homeless youth. 85% of LGBT school children are verbally bullied. 40% are physically bullied while 19% are physically assulted. 30% miss school because it feels unsafe. Students developed depression and suicide attempts increased six-fold.  Most of these facts I found on websites such as www.glad.com/resorcelist, www.huffingtonpost.com “Positive Side Effects,” www.rampages.us “LGBT Media’s side affect on Society,” and belong to their respective websites.





I hope my video is helpful to others suffering discrimination. I also hope this video will open minds to the effects of discrimination on the LGBT community. Without help from the Sac Youth Media Team, this video wouldn’t have been possible so thank you. I also wanted to say thank you to all the accepting friends, family members, and acquaintances who support and encourage myself and others in the LGBT community.

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