Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member Crystal Murray…

Hello my name is Crystal Murray I’m currently 16 years of age. I’m an upcoming Junior at NP3 high school. NP3 is a law college prep school. Im originally from  LA. But I moved to Sacramento at a young age.  We moved here for my mothers work. I would have to say that my mother is my hero. She adopted me when I was 5 years old. I came from a poor family. I was neglected and dumped at my great grandmothers house to live. (By my birth mother) My new mother helped me grow through the years, helped me found of what I want to be when I’m other. She’s the reasons why my dreams are going to come true.  The dream is, I want to go to Houston University to major in Business and Marketing. To become a  CEO of the company Apple.  So basically some of my hobbies are to create commercials for random companies. As an example I have and idea for the upcoming world cup. Featuring Gatorade and a foosball  company. (I have yet to find one) I also enjoy creating art for my family and for myself. I’m self taught in most of my successes. I taught myself how to create commercials. I read books about how to write the script and how to do detail like lighting and dramatic effects. My art hobby comes in through my hands when I draw out the script.

I’m always happy to work with other people of the community. I have done things for them that has brought happiness to my heart. I have worked with some people for our fellow soldiers that have been over seas. We packed boxes for them that contains a Thank You card and some candies that they might enjoy. As well as other things that they might need. I also worked with my church community for the homeless that live on our streets. We passed out foods and clothing. The things that make me happy are my 2 little brothers and my older sister. They are always there for me and  I try my best to be there for them. If they weren’t there I don’t think I would have the motivation to keep going on dreams. They are a great push In my life and I’m grateful that God brought me to them.

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