Welcoming Daniel to Sac BHC Youth Media Team

        Blog Photo    Welcome! Welcome! My name is Daniel Escobar and I welcome you to my blog! Gee… What a warm welcome I’ve received here at Sac BHC. I’m two weeks in and already feel like a part of the team – I feel like I really belong here! But anyways… enough with the feelings, let’s get to the facts.

            Native to Sacramento, I’ve always felt the benevolent nature of the city. As hard as it may sound to believe, it is very true. I’ve always wanted to be a major influence in the global community and what better way than to start here at Sac BHC. I once read a quote before that was along the lines of, “In order to understand others, you must understand yourself first.” That being said, I must first help my community before I can help anyone else. I am fueled by an ardent desire to identify the issues in my community, to understand them, and to address them accordingly. I believe that Sacramento has the potential to serve as a role model for the rest of the world, but this is not possible without the hand of every Sacramentan. In ten, twenty, fifty years from now, I would like to see the community thrive into a better place. Perhaps not a utopia, but a place where future generations can have equal opportunities. But those generations are decades from now, I am from this generation, I am from the now generation! I live not only in the future, but also in the present.

            I am 18 years-old and a senior in the HISP Program, (Humanities and International Studies Program), at C.K. McClatchy High School. I love to play sports, especially soccer and rugby. I love to exercise, eat healthy, hang out with friends and family, and to travel. Oh! And not to mention, photography and filmmaking is a must! I cannot live without it; I aspire to become one of the greatest directors/producers of all time. But every big figure always starts off small. So now I ask, is this my call? Will I do everything in my power to make my dream a reality? And what will YOU do to make your dreams come true?! That’s it for now! Signing off – Daniel Escobar

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