Vanna Hoang’s Summer Video Project.

Hi, my name is Vanna Hoang, and I am from the Sacramento BHC Youth Media Team. For about a year now, I’ve been practicing and learning how to dance. As time had passed, I have learned that many people are affected physically and mentally from dancing. Many people dance, and I want to discover and learn even more as I keep on dancing.Vanna2016


For my summer project, I want to open up a small part of the dancing world to those who are not into dancing. I was first interested in dancing when I went to dance shows because a friend had encouraged me to go, and dancing seemed really fun afterwards. I still go to shows, but I do not perform in them because I do not believe that I am good enough.


Of all the kinds of hip hop dancing, the main five kinds are social dances, boogaloo, breaking, popping, and locking. I do best in popping and locking. My summer project will not be just about the two dances I specialize in, but it will show as much of the dancing world that I experience when I attend shows and meet-ups.

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