My experience at Girls On The Rise…

On June 21st, I had the opportunity to attend and film the Girls On The Rise Conference. It was really interesting to experience the conference and their activities. The conference’s theme was Self-Care. Not taking care of yourself can lead to health issues.

There were several impactful and empowering presentations about dealing with stress, why self-care is important, and other people’s own struggles dealing with health issues that was led from lack of self care. It’s amazing to see these people who struggled with health issues and eventually becoming healthier.IMG_0103

During the presentations, there would be mini activities that had the girls critically think and engaged. Afterwards, the conference was split into two groups where they would each go to a workshop. The workshop was fun and provided useful information. Each workshop taught the girls the effects of stress and ways to de-stress.

The participants in the first workshops had learned that treating yourself comes in different ways. Yoga, meditation, exercise, drawing, music, reading, and more are some ways to relax and treat your body. One of the presenters had said that writing out your feelings or thoughts is a way to relax and release your emotions. Then they passed notebooks around where the participants could decorate and personalize them.

The second and last workshop included treating your body by eating right. The presenters talked about nutrition being a main component of your health. Eating food affects your mood and health. Eating healthy foods makes you motivated, positive, and prevents health issues while junk food leaves you sluggish, tired, and possibly at risk to different health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. Lots of useful information provided where the girls could apply them and take care of themselves when they are experiencing stress. After the presentation, the girls were lined up so they could make a DIY bath scrub, which was also a way to help de-stress.

Overall, this conference was an opportunity for many of the girls to learn, be aware of their health, and have fun.


Story by Jasmine Duong, Sac BHC Youth Media Team member

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