Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team’s newest member Calvin Szeto.

My name is Calvin Szeto, I am 16 years old, and I am currently a junior attending West Campus High School. I do have some experience with cameras and editing as I own a Sony HDR-AS20 camera and have used iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Some of my hobbies include shoe collecting/reselling, playing basketball and badminton, and watching movies. I feel that I am an unpredictable person, it all depends on how I wake up and the weather. IMG_8992

My plans for the future are to graduate high school, get into a 4 year college, get my Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), and to be an architect and maybe have my own firm. I feel that the summer program will benefit me in the future if i decide to pursue a career in the field of media/ filmmaking. I am looking forward to going to places that I have not been to before, meeting new people, and covering the events.

Finally, my favorite quote is #YaTuSabes.

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