Jasmine’s Summer Video Project.

Hi, my name is Jasmine Duong, and for a while now, I’ve always been passionate in nursing and health. I love making people happy and laugh similar to making videos and making your audience pleased. I’m passionate in film, but health was on a different level. I get hot headed and excited about the topic. I want to help others make changes in their lives for the better.

This whole summer I have been working with the Sac BHC Youth Media Tea, and I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself, others, and film. Originally, I joined because they focused on using social media to share meaningful messages as well as explore one of my other passions, which was filming. Health is a big issue and social media would be a great stage to address health issues. I’ve experienced a lot this summer and I made so many cool memories with the crew! They’re funny, cool, and weird people. We’ve done a variety of video projects, and each time we filmed, it’s another practice to improve and learn something new!IMG_6265

For my summer project, I wanted to create a video sharing my strongest passion which is health and nursing. I want to use film as my stage and share my passions and thoughts. Health is a really important topic to me.

I believe once you lose your health, you lose almost everything. You could develop diabetes, and that connects to being able to develop heart diseases, kidney failure, vision loss amputations. You could have depression because of lack of confidence or being bullied or family problems leading to eating disorders and self-harm. You could be obese and develop heart diseases and atherosclerosis, a disease where cholesterol and other substances are stuck in your arteries.

It’s all interconnected. That’s whats’ fascinating. Diseases can cause you to develop another disease or complication.

Health is something that affects all of us, including myself, I’ve learned just as much about myself through health as I have about the profession.

Health is made up of two parts: mental and physical. A good balance is needed in order to achieve good health. I’ve got to admit, I’m not the most healthiest person. I’m struggling with both parts, but this is a journey and I’m trying to better my health. I have anxiety, so I’m trying to cope and deal with this condition, as well as being slightly overweight, I’m losing weight to better my health and choosing to eat more healthier. I still do eat junk food, but in moderation.

I want people, including myself, to be aware of their health and to live the longest they can and make memories, experience, learn, and teach the next generation the past. People often say if you don’t look forward, you can never move on. That’s true, but if you never look back in the past and reflect, you never learn and you make the same common mistake that can be avoided. I’m not just refering to physical or mental health, but learning and growing as a person.

I want people to learn and make healthier choices to live a healthy and happy well-balanced life. And it’s easier said than done, which is why being healthy is such a struggle!

I want to make a difference. I want to use the knowledge I gained from school and apply it to real life. I have seen someone collapse in front of me and I stood frozen. I couldn’t do anything because at that time, I knew nothing about health. Now, I have more knowledge and I want to be someone who people can rely on. I find health and nursing really enjoyable.

Learning about health wasn’t easy because I needed to know biology and chemistry as well; It has been a really tough journey. And to be honest, I wasn’t particularly interested in health or the medical field at first. It seemed cool and amazing if I was capable of doing it, but I had no interest in pursuing the health profession. But as I continue learning more about health and seeing what I can do, I find it really enjoyable and a strong passion of mine. I keep finding myself falling more in love with this profession. I’m not confident that I’m going to make it through since nursing isn’t easy in college or in nursing school. There’s actually a lot of competition. As cliche as this sounds, I won’t give up.

I hope that the video I create will display how important nursing and health is to me.

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