Congratulations to the class of 2015…

Well, here you are. You’re done. You’re high school years are just about over. Think back it was just four years ago when we all where incoming freshmen into a new world called high school and it’s practically over now. We all couldn’t wait for the day when we “ruled the school” and that day has came and gone. The class of 2015 seniors ruling is coming to an end. We now are looking forward to Graduating in a week or so; it’s so close you can almost feel the light on your skin as you cross that stage in June. It’s been a long 12 years in the Sacramento City Unified School District, and most high school seniors are about to complete the first huge accomplishment of their life, graduating High School.IMG_8850


Some will venture off into college, some will jump right into the work force, some will even go risk their life to serve our country. In high school we stressed on getting homework done, studying for tests, keeping grades up, and fitting in. Now we have to worry about the real world, some will worry about bills, and getting to work on time, other will still be worrying about tests and homework but on a bigger scale. But no matter what life throws at us we can get through it with a little perseverance, so class of 2015 we toast to you as you get ready to embark on your journey though life.

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