Sacramento SHINE Expo is a hit!

Hey everyone! This is Celeste again from Sac BHC Youth Media Team. My team and I recently attended the 1st Sacramento SHINE Self-Wellness Expo at George Sim Community Center on January 26th and I must say it was awesome and informative!

Throughout the day, man different groups performed dances from their respective ethnic communities on the center’s stage. Different organizations and sponsors had booths offering free health screenings, medical consultations, free exercise lessons, healthy eating demos and much more.

Soil Born Farms went into the neighborhood to harvest fruit trees and pass out the proceeds to those who attended the event. They had on display various collected fruits from oranges to grapefruits, and they were extremely ripe and juicy! Also, the local farmers market offered different tips on both gardening and healthy eating lifestyles.

I saw kids and their families enjoy many different opportunities from healthcare to live entertainment. There were live demonstrations on exercises and dances including; Tai Chi; Martial Arts; Yoga; Chi Gong; Zumba and Gym fitness. All of these are beneficial to one’s health.

“We want to encourage healthy eating and exercise, by doing instead of seeing” says Evette Tsang, the CEO of SHINE Wellness INC. “We are here today as individuals and together as a community, act by doing things we can control: stay healthy by exercising and eating right, one reason and one meal at a time.”

Evette hopes to promote positive healthy eating and exercise through these upcoming events of SHINE Wellness INC.

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