Sacramento BHC Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy Blog Picture a1HELLO EVERYBODY!!! It’s me Daniel, here again to keep you up on the latest. Last Tuesday, the Sac BHC Youth Media Team covered Sacramento BHC Leadership Academy at the Fruitridge Community Center. Those who were able to attend were greeted by friendly smiles and delicious food. Attending participants were also invited to take part in the discussion of this month; how to convince others to participate in the community. Professionals who have done this for many years and do this for a living were brought in to the meeting, where they shared amongst us many things, including tips and tricks on how to get other people involved. Community organizers gave a short speech and presentation about themselves and the work they do.  Organizers  shared with the participants  that the best ways to campaign is by being clear and concise in your project. Always start off by stating your name and who you’re working for. Then proceed to state what your intentions are, or what you’re after. They also suggest handing a brochure or a clipboard with information to your listener, allowing for the listener to anticipate what you will have to say and to gain a better understanding of the organization you work for. Another rule they added was to be an attentive listener, meaning you only speak about 20% of the time and listen to your audiences concern’s and questions for the other 80% of the time. This allows for better relationships to be established because it suggests that you truly care for their concerns. After providing us with this valuable information, participants were invited to take part in an exercise which allowed for them to practice how to best approach an audience. Many individuals were happy to take part and everybody unanimously agreed that they felt better prepared to take on such situations in the real world. Stay tuned for my next blog in two weeks….

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