Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member Maria Wilson…

My name is Maria Wilson; I am 17 years old and currently attend Hiram Johnson High School. My dream is to be an Animator, or have an art related job. I draw a lot in my free time, in between school and programs I partake in. My plan for the future is to attend a four-year university or art school, and major in animation. I’m excited to be a part of the BHC team, and look forward to making PSA’s, and helping build Healthy communities.

I enjoy creating pieces of art that people enjoy, this includes stickers, which I often give as presents to my friends and loved ones. My hobbies include painting, drawing, reading, playing with my dogs, and shopping. I’m very interested in what goes on in my community, and helping in anyway I can which is why I joined this program.

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