Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member Jaylynn Northern-Ross…

My name is Jaylynn Northern-Ross and I’m 16 years old. I have big dreams and want to be successful in life. I have many passions and goals for myself. I have a big passion for sports and music specifically basketball and rap. On my free time I will go the gym or to the park and just play for hours and hours. Or on a rainy day I’ll be in the house playing video games, writing music, or just drawing cartoons.

In the future I see myself graduating from a four-year university and starting my own business in video games and graphic design. I’ve had this dream since I was 10 years old that 1 day people will be buying my games that I created, buying comic books, or even watching my TV programming network.

What I feel I will bring to this internship is joy, fun, a chance to give everybody to speak their minds. I feel this internship will bring me 1 step closer to my dreams and I will get a good experience from this opportunity.

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