Meet Sac BHC Youth Media Team newest member Daniel Rodriguez…

My name is Daniel Rodriguez and I’m 17 years old. I am excited to be part of the BHC family and very thrilled to work with my fellow interns. I plan to make this experience the best. I love that we will be making videos and working with cameras. This internship goes hand in hand with one of my favorite hobbies, taking pictures of anything and editing them. Along with taking pictures, I like to design t-shirts on my spare time, basically really into fashion and design.

I plan to attend college right after high school and enter in either Medicine or Business. I like both subjects so it may be tricky picking one of them or maybe do both. I’ve had a lot of interest in medicine since I was a kid but as I’ve grown up I’ve grown to like the way a business works. By myself I’ve started to design shirts and I am working on taking those designs and incorporate them into a clothing brand. On the medicine aspect I have taken Human Anatomy and I will take Phycology this following school year.


I want to make the most out of this summer internship by involving myself with BHC and the people who are with me, together as a team. I will take this experience and use it to better my hobbies. Also use this experience as a learning experience

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