Meet Bobby Powell, Video Coordinator for Sac BHC Youth Media Team

bobby“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is the motto which Bobby Powell of the Sac BHC Youth Media Team lives by. As the youth video coordinator, he believes the camera was created so that all can see through the perspective of the people. Bobby’s role in the team is to capture videos in the best way possible to utilize the footage for current events and projects for the Sac BHC initiative.

Bobby has been a part of the Sacramento Building Healthy Communities initiative for a several years now. Before he became a part of the youth media team, Bobby was a part of the youth steering committee where he learned a lot about the BHC initiatives. When the youth media team was created, he decided to pick up a camera, knowing very little on how to use it but more than ready to improve his skills.

“It was a little awkward at first, and it was definitely a challenge because new things are always a challenge and a bit intimidating,” says Bobby, as he smiles. ”Getting experience with a camera helped me a lot. Now I see movies and photos a lot differently.”

Every morning that Bobby comes into the office to work, he keeps a positive mindset and outlook on the work he projects.

“What I look forward to is capturing a lot of footage and creating that perspective so that the community can see the positive change within itself,” says Bobby. Being a part of the youth media team has allowed him to improve his video and photography skills. He says his connection with the community has also increased and his understanding of what a positive community is has grown as well. Bobby says he is continuing to learn new things everyday with the environment that he surrounded by.

As a youth media team member, Bobby has enjoyed the experiences he has encountered and looks forward to those which he has yet to encounter with all the new opportunities that await him for the future to come.

“My goal is to show the community or be that link to the community so that they can not only see from the communities youth’s point of view, but also BHC’s point of view of what a healthy community is and what it can be.”

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