Introducing the Affordable Care Act

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Good day everybody, it’s Celeste from the Sac BHC Youth Media Team. The Sac BHC Youth Media Team is embarking in a new way to provide the information to resources that are available to you–the youth ages 17-26! We are currently striving to help the people understand what the Affordable Care Act is and how it’s going to positively affect the community. In less than a year from now the Affordable Care Act is expected to fully launch and insure more than 32 million Americans. Healthcare has become increasingly expensive and it is difficult for Americans to afford it. Once the average American is insured through the Affordable Care Act, annual check-ups and screenings will be available for free.

As a young Hispanic female living in the South Sacramento area, I have witnessed the issue of healthcare not being provided to those who do not have access to it. I have always found that there is something terribly wrong when I saw that people who obviously had a medical condition had to struggle because they did not have access to the medical care they needed. Now that these conditions are going to be addressed by the Affordable Care Act, we will see changes in the way people are going to have access to the health care services.

Being a youth, I understand the importance of healthcare being provided to us as individuals to maintain our health as we grow up.  With the Affordable Care Act, children can no longer be denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Young adults can be covered under their parents insurance up until the age of 26. Anybody can access emergency medical care at a hospital outside of their healthcare plans network. That’s a huge difference in what was available in the past.

It’s finally that time for everyone who qualifies to be able to get the healthcare they desperately deserve. It seems that times are changing, and people are being granted more access to the healthcare that many people struggled to afford. The access that seemed so far away, is certainly coming quickly and going to be changing the way we see healthcare and the way we live—for the better.

For more information and resources on the Affordable Care Act, please check out the following sites:

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