Introducing Celeste Alvarado, Sac BHC Youth Media Team-Member

Hi everyone! My name is Celeste Alvarado and I am one of three new crew members in the Sacramento Building Healthy Communities Youth Media Team. My fellow members are Ashanti Bailey and Brianna Shinn. We are all high school seniors attending the Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy. Together, we will be covering events and talking about issues in the community via photographs, blogs, and video projects.

As an individual I have an understanding of how negative stories that are displayed in the media every day may frighten many and give others no hope for the community. They don’t quite show the people the brighter side of our neighborhoods. Words and images have a tremendous ability to both hurt and inspire. My team and I are ready to provide an opposing viewpoint on the community we live in!

Our goal is to inform everyone as well as to motivate and inspire. Our work should give someone who feels incapable of making a difference the inspiration to develop a better tomorrow. Leaders not only create followers, but they create other leaders. Sometimes all people really need is a little reminder that we are all able to inspire just as one has inspired them.

Our community needs a much better realization that there are positive actions spreading every day. The new media team is here to display these acts and share them with all. I’m hoping that through what my team and I present, that man will open their eyes to see that it’s never too late to make a difference on the community we all live in.

I am really excited to be a part of this program and I can’t wait to present our stuff with everyone!


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